Breaking Cryptocurrencies

The subtle art of detection, identification, and patching of vulnerabilities in decentralized and digital currency

“Breaking cryptocurrencies” is the resource for learning more information about possible attack vectors applied to the blockchain field. Through a simple approach, the reader will understand how a cryptocurrency works and what are the minimal requirements for defying a blockchain. After understanding the techniques needed to analyze and monitor their own cryptocurrency project, the readers will know what the most common attacks are and ways to prevent them.

This book is composed of three main parts: Analyzing, Attacking, and Preventing. The main goal for this subdivision is having the reader understand the real risks of a blockchain attack are. Thus it has been chosed basing on information security mantra which is: “monitoring, detecting attack and defending,” which will be applied to the analysis of a such complex environment which is the cryptocurrency world. Preview of the outline.

Status: Waiting for a publisher.